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Empower Lunch How many times a day do you hear someone talking about a “networking” opportunity? Or how they are reaching into their “network” to get information? Or encouraging you to “expand your network?” It’s one of the biggest buzzwords,… [read more]


Council Corner by Jim Clements   Since joining the Council, I have written two of these posts in the past. When I was getting ready to write those posts I had a clear vision of what to communicate. Much has… [read more]


A conference for doers.     Make / Happen is an unanswered question, an incomplete phrase, a / blank / that you must fill in for yourself. This is a conference for doers, not the sit-back-and-watchers. Be inspired by culture changers and catalysts… [read more]

How can I get involved?

We’ll serve
it up

Shaped from the areas of the Your Omaha 2020 final, we have volunteer opportunities abound!

Tell us more

Why are you interested? What do you care about? Please fill out our short form to help us identify how you would like to be engaged in improving Omaha.


Attend an event

The event calendar is there for a reason. Take the opportunity to attend an event, connect with others and begin to experience the conversation.


Take the leap and sign up!

We send out regular communication to our listserv to keep you all up to date with news and events taking place. Sometimes, engagement means just being informed of what’s going on in your community. Use the form above to sign up!

Omaha: It’s all yours.

Too many places want to be
all things to all people.
For Omaha, it’s pretty much true.

There’s no one reason to love Omaha. Really. Ask people what they like and you’ll get a different answer every time. Truth is, whatever you imagine your life should be, you can do it here. It’s what brings people here and in a lot of cases, it makes it difficult for them to leave. For young professionals who are tired of “more of the same,” Omaha is definitely more of what you want your community to be.

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